Write like Bergman

For over 60 years, Ingmar Bergman wrote everything – from entire manuscripts to passing thoughts – by hand in his yellow notebooks. To commemorate the centenary of his birth, we have created a font based upon his handwriting. Add a touch of drama to your everyday life by having Bergman write your grocery list, a greeting to grandmother or a shout out in social media. Interested in learning more about the Bergman 100-Year Jubilee? Check our calendar.

Ingmar Bergman’s own notes

A Baudelaire quote to raise work morale. Foreword to Scenes from a Marriage. Drop your prior notions of a home cinema. Bergman built his own private movie theatre in an old barn in the village of Dämba on the island of Fårö. Throughout the months of May to October, he watched at least one film per day, six days a week. Naturally, the film schedule and instructions for the projectionist were jotted down on yellow notepaper.